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Pacific Multi Products (Pvt.) Ltd.

Launched in 1993, PMP is a large agencies/ marketing house holding over 30 agency rights to over 50 industrial products sourced from more than 30 companies in 15 countries. PMP specializes in indenting and distributing industrial raw materials to over 1000 industrial & commercial enterprises, some of them blue-chip companies of Pakistan.

The company's marketing structure consists of five divisions by product groups, which are; Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fibers, Papers & Paper products and Rubbers.These products are sourced from PMP's principal suppliers from various countries.

Major Supplier:

• Sasol Polymers                                                         South Africa
• Lotte Trading Co.                                                     Korea
• Siam Cement Group                                                 Thailand
• Thai Hua Rubber                                                      Thailand
• Kemira                                                                      Finland
• Hansol Group                                                                                                         Korea
• Petrochemical Industry Ltd.                                                                 Kuwait

PMP has developed considerable expertise in sourcing industrial raw materials internationally and consolidating and introducing innovative marketing strategies domestically. In pursuit of not only surviving but also leading in the ever changing and highly competitive arena of international trade. PMP realizes its attributes to success in the overall outset is; to be finely tuned to the international and domestic markets, fast track communication between the supplier abroad and the domestic customer, offering reliable reputation and customer services, and it has strategically well researched and diversified products range.

PMP is actively selling products in Middle East and is in process of establishing a subsidiary for this purpose.

It has an affiliate company in Thailand, Pacific Multi Products Co. Thailand Ltd. Is distributor of chemical products source from PMP Pakistan’s Network of principals.

An investment division has also been added recently. The PMP group has a business volume in excess of Rs. 3 Billion ($ 50 Million)

PMP is fast growing into a commodity trading group.

The founding father of the Adamjee industrial group was not just a businessman, but also an avid educationist
The founding father of the Adamjee industrial group was not just a businessman, but also an avid educationist
As Jinnah and colleagues assembled in to Karachi from the 7th of august 1947 for the ceremonial occasion

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