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Adamjee Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.

AEL was initially incorporated in 1949 as Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds in Pakistan Ltd., a subsidiary of G.K.N. PLC, U.K.

In 1963, the company established its factories at the Korangi Industrial Area in Karachi. In 1986, The Adamjee group took over majority shareholdings from G.K.N. and renamed it Adamjee Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. (AEL).  

AEL's operations are strategically structured into two divisions, i.e. The Manufacturing and the Agency/Trading division. The Manufacturing Division produces a broad spectrum of high quality industrial fasteners. In 1988, the Company expanded its production by producing ferrous and non-ferrous sintered self lubricating bearings (the first of its kind in Pakistan) under technology from Pennsylvania Pressed Metals Inc., USA. In order to promote focused growth, recently the company further expanded by strategically diversifying within its sphere into aluminum fasteners. Adamjee engineering employs 300 persons and commands 80% market share of fasteners in Pakistan. Since the 1980's, AEL has been exporting industrial fasteners, Bedford oil pump gears, sintered oil retaining bushes, and a host of other engineering components to Middle East and European Countries. The Agency/Trading Division is primarily focused on indenting, importing and distributing machinery and equipment such as; workshop equipments, power generating equipment, forging plants, metal sheet presses and wide range of tools from Europe, China and USA.
The founding father of the Adamjee industrial group was not just a businessman, but also an avid educationist
The founding father of the Adamjee industrial group was not just a businessman, but also an avid educationist
As Jinnah and colleagues assembled in to Karachi from the 7th of august 1947 for the ceremonial occasion

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